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How to Start a Single Adults Ministry 

Written by Janet Wolfe 

*Volunteer leaders make up 99% or more of all singles ministries.
*A church member, minister who comes under the authority of their pastor.

1. Pray personally, affirming this is God’s direction for you.

2. Ask yourself ..why do you want to start a singles ministry?
*Do you have single people in your church and if so what group of singleness do they come under?
*What goals or mission do you have?
*What do you hope to accomplish?
*Are you just wanting friends to go to socialise with?
*Is it to find your life mate?
*Is it to grow the church, the kingdom?
*Are you willing to wait and find the right co-leaders first?
*Have you found out how many singles actually live in your area and they're demographic?
*What do your friends/pastor think about it?

3. Talk to your pastor (those covering you) about your calling and have a plan to give them.
You will need the support of your church for greater success.

4. Do your research. Talk to other singles ministry leaders for advice.
Hebrews 13:7
Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life,
and imitate their faith.

5. You may need to inform your pastor about the purpose of singles ministry:
Here are some tips. Singles ministry is:
*A place to build friendships, get healthier, and grow.
*A place to learn how to be a volunteer, serve, and/or become a leader.
*A place to learn how to negotiate your life as a single Christian and make the most out of this season.
*A place to meet their future spouse.
*To reach a group of people that might not come into the church another way. It is simply a gate.
*It’s a place that provides mutual support of a particular life stage, whether it’s a single parent, divorced,
widowed, or never-married.
*Every church is called to reach singles, but not every church is called to start a singles ministry.
*Develop an effective outreach to the growing number of single adults in your church and community.
*Enhance church growth.
*Help fulfill the Great Commission
*Help renew the vision and purpose of your congregation
*To meet the needs of single adults who want spiritual growth, healing opportunities, and social

Note: Single adult ministries have to continually be poured into as they change. Discipleship is critical.
It’s better to pour yourself into a few people who will duplicate themselves rather than trying to do it all

6. Involve others, male/female leaders who have the same calling.
It appears that women start the majority of singles ministries. The problem with this is that over time,
women statistically only draw other women to the ministry unless there is also a male co-leader.
You might also consider getting a married couple to help lead.

7. Not all churches need a singles ministry
*Some churches have failed at singles ministry because they didn’t have the right leader or knowledge of
how to lead it.
*Some church’s singles ministry became merely a “meet” market.
*Some churches have a lot of unhealthy singles, making it difficult to keep the balance healthy. Often the
unhealthy ones keep the ministry from growing.
*Some churches have difficulty finding mature leaders, when the previous leader got married so they
have decided to close the ministry.
*Some churches feel singles should not be separated as an individual group in the church, meaning they
didn’t understand what it is to be single or their needs.

8. Singles ministry...ISN’T there
To give singles a social club. If I have seen and heard this once, I have seen and heard it 100 times. If
you build your ministry only for the purpose of fun things to do on the weekends, then you are building it
on a weak foundation that eventually will die.

To only get singles married
We do want singles to find the “one” in church, but we first want them to know Christ. We want them as
healthy as possible. If getting them married is your only goal, you are in trouble. But on the other side, if
we don’t acknowledge that 99% of all singles do want to get married, then we are not planning for the
type of ministry to help educate and nurture them in that direction

We need to build the right foundation of the word of God first, maybe start with a Bible study group, book
group, prayer group, divorce recovery, creative ways to meet and involve new people etc then you have
the right foundation. The social side will come as a result of the right foundation. Then, when you do have
a social, it becomes a more “strategic fellowship.” You are bringing people into something where their
needs can be met.

Singles ministry isn’t going to be easy
Because singles come in such a wide age range with huge differences in life stages, needs, goals. it’s hard
to simply develop “one plan that fits all”. Singles from 18-30 prefer to be called young adults. Singles 30-
45 is the missing age group in most churches. I found that 25 + is a good age group for singles ministry.
Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with
thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.


Once you find others to form your team
*Pray weekly about the ministry, including for your direction, how to grow the ministry, leadership
training, logistics, target audience, a budget, marketing, how you want to start, whether it’s with a Bible
study, service, project, Sunday lunch, etc.
*Develop your mission statement/goals/name (this will change as your ministry grows.)
*Develop job descriptions of your existing and future team.
*Share any resources you have found.
*Discuss any issues or problems that need to be resolved.
*Involve the prayer ministry of your church for additional prayer.
*Allow the Lord to change direction if need be.

Psalm 37: 5 Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.
Be careful of who you put on your team as a leader. It may be better to have them serve at events etc.
first, and then as time goes on and after you train them, they can become a leader.

Develop public relations
Getting your pastor, staff, married adults in the church, and even singles to support the vision God has
given you is important. They need to see and experience the value, the asset your ministry is for the
church and community. If it’s a value, they will not only keep it but help promote it and support it.
Develop marketing materials to help promote your ministry, such as website/web page, logo, a brochure,
Facebook page, Insta, etc.

Ideas towards this goal:
*Attend leader’s meetings in your church and share the vision and any singles success stories.
*Attend a variety of events in and outside the church. Networking with others is very important
*Encourage your singles to serve in church, missions, Sunday school etc
*Meet with your pastor regularly to share the good things that are happening
*People will come and go despite how amazing you or the ministry has become.
*Discipleship is important to expand the team
*Develop a plan for conflict and how to handle unhealthy singles. Unfortunately, You WILL meet some.
*Take care of yourself. Accept, help, learn to delegate. If you aren’t healthy, then you can’t lead anyone
*Be Patient. Remember that God is in control. We must in our enthusiasm be sensitive to His timing and
His will.

ENJOY! and remember some days will be challenging, but overall it can be the most rewarding ministry.

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